Salon Allergy Specialist

Salon Allergy Specialist

Thursday, July 14, 2016

PPD ALTERNATIVE: Natural Hair Coloring; with my friend Christine Shahin

I promised that I would blog about a friend of mine, from Little Falls, New York. This incredible little ball of fire, is Christine Shahin, woman, wife, daughter, mother, gardener, herbalist, earth keeper, hairdresser, author, Goddess, BEAUTY.

Her new book, complete with several formula's, is something I am recommending to ALL OF MY CLIENTS. If you are even thinking of trying some natural pigments, buy this book. My only advice, swap out the lemon juice or other liquid for hibiscus tea. It's better for your scalp, and more gentle. You may click on the hilighted link to go to for purchase. Thank you!

Natural Hair Coloring By Christine Shahin

This is my copy.

The best part about this blog, that I know ALL of my readers and clients will be SO happy to hear, Christine is retailing her pigments! (cassia, amla, henna, and indigo) She is ordering from a company that tests EACH batch the same as the previous brand of product that we both have used in the past. 

Here is the link for Christine's pigments:

Having this book is like having one of us with you when you color. If you have been shy, it will give you confidence, as it has real photos, real before and afters, and detailed explanations. I have read mine several times, and I still find myself looking back through it. 

  I have been blessed to have met Christine. I hope that all of you take a few minutes and connect with her as well. She truly is a GODDESS!

Happy Summer!