Salon Allergy Specialist

Salon Allergy Specialist

Monday, October 3, 2016

Jessica Alba was in the ER, Allergy to her Hair Products

I just was told last week that Jessica Alba, went to the emergency room with infected cornea's from her hair products. They wanted to know if this was an allergic reaction to hair color, or PPD. I told this person that I needed more information, as I hadn't hear about this myself. So, I looked it up when I got home. Yup, THE Jessica Alba, was indeed in the ER, on Father's Day, with a "Severe Allergic Reaction" in her words, and then put on antibiotics.

Of course, the mix of ingredients in her products BEFORE this newest batch came out were NOT in my opinion the best, but apparently, she found that out the hard way. This is a good example of YES, YOU CAN HAVE A SEVERE REACTION FROM OTHER THINGS BESIDES PPD! Formaldehyde, curse you!

Jessica is now doing better, and as the article says. They removed the formaldehyde, and I think it's a much better product.

Could this lead to more cross reactions for Jessica? Absolutely. I hope that she is spared. If not, She can always view the lists on that I've done, or the lists here. There is always the consulting that I do as well. Best of luck to her.