Salon Allergy Specialist

Salon Allergy Specialist

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Teen forced by school to dye hair black by school in Japan, has reaction to PPD

A teenager is suing her local government for ¥2.2 million Yen ($19,000) for forcing her to dye her hair black because "dark brown isn't dark enough". She has suffered a rash, and scalp pain from having to dye her hair so often. She had attended Kaifukan High School, which demands that  all students have black hair. During a conversation that the Japanese Times had with the mother of the child, she said " The school would even demand a blond foreign exchange studens would have to dye their hair because it was the rule."

WHAT!? Forcing a child to dye their hair, with an allergy? That sounds like a death sentence.

Forcing children to dye their hair sounds like forcing them to eat pesticide. Or making them drink baby formula with melamine in it, wasn't that China, not Japan?

Maybe the government in Japan needs to read my blog to realize that they are forcibly exposing these kids to very harsh chemicals that they themselves wouldn't want to be around.

In fact, if the family gets wind of this, email me. I would be happy to help them in any way that I can.

Gina Taro

Friday, February 17, 2017


PPD class action suit, finally! No matter where you live, Malta, Africa, California, New York, no matter when you had your reaction, PLEASE CALL!
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Joseph Santoli, esq. 1-800-279-6996
Class action suit PPD

When you call the number, you will speak with Joseph Santoli, he will ask your name, your experience, and your contact information. THAT'S IT! If the law suit gets any further, you should get something in the mail.

IF YOU PREFER, EMAIL ME. You will get an email saying call Joseph.

Thank you, in advance for all of your support. With out you, there is NO case.

Recently, I was interviewed by Caters News Source for an article on color allergies. It was picked up by several periodicals, here are links to a few. Each link is to the same article.

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Happy February!