Salon Allergy Specialist

Salon Allergy Specialist

Friday, February 17, 2017


PPD class action suit, finally! No matter where you live, Malta, Africa, California, New York, no matter when you had your reaction, PLEASE CALL!

Joseph Santoli, esq. 1-800-279-6996
Class action suit PPD

When you call the number, you will speak with Joseph Santoli, he will ask your name, your experience, and your contact information. THAT'S IT! If the law suit gets any further, you should get something in the mail.

IF YOU PREFER, EMAIL ME. You will get an email saying call Joseph.

Thank you, in advance for all of your support. With out you, there is NO case.

Recently, I was interviewed by Caters News Source for an article on color allergies. It was picked up by several periodicals, here are links to a few. Each link is to the same article.

Huffington Post

Daily Mail

The Mirror

David Wolfe

Happy February!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Jessica Alba was in the ER, Allergy to her Hair Products

I just was told last week that Jessica Alba, went to the emergency room with infected cornea's from her hair products. They wanted to know if this was an allergic reaction to hair color, or PPD. I told this person that I needed more information, as I hadn't hear about this myself. So, I looked it up when I got home. Yup, THE Jessica Alba, was indeed in the ER, on Father's Day, with a "Severe Allergic Reaction" in her words, and then put on antibiotics.

Of course, the mix of ingredients in her products BEFORE this newest batch came out were NOT in my opinion the best, but apparently, she found that out the hard way. This is a good example of YES, YOU CAN HAVE A SEVERE REACTION FROM OTHER THINGS BESIDES PPD! Formaldehyde, curse you!

Jessica is now doing better, and as the article says. They removed the formaldehyde, and I think it's a much better product.

Could this lead to more cross reactions for Jessica? Absolutely. I hope that she is spared. If not, She can always view the lists on that I've done, or the lists here. There is always the consulting that I do as well. Best of luck to her.


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

PPD ALLERGY connected to scalp conditions...information gathering

A little help from my friends...

I need to do a little research! I would like to hear from people! How many people have had dandruff, or Seborrhea before, or after having a color allergy? How many have had Hair loss? How about BOTH? Please send me your information:

I'm beginning to suspect that there is a connection between the intensifying resistance between fungal infections in humans. Since I have been studying this, I have learned that many of the people have fungal issues, some on the scalp, some in other areas. Since they are largely a systemic problem, hugely fed by our addictions to sugar, it may account for some of the growing dermal breakdown. 

To combat this, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for all things. There is a great shampoo, you may want to check with your doctor before trying it, Nizorol. (Nizorol is blue, be careful) It's very expensive, $18-20, but it can help if using a solution of 25% ACV to 75% water as a hair rinse (don't rinse out!) doesn't help. 

I also recommend soaking pillow cases in a 5 gallon laundry basin. I fill it up with luke warm water, and 2 generous cups of ACV. 15 minutes to 2 hours. I wring them out and wash them. I also don't use fabric softener, I use a Downey Ball filled with white vinegar, and use white vinegar in the area made for fabric softener. I do use a dryer sheet. (okay, I use a wash cloth with essential oils...)

For any kind of hair items, pony tail holders, head bands, barretts, combs, pics, brushes, or anything I missed, clean any hair or debris. Then soak in a large bowl of hot water. I do this in the tub, with the fan on. I pour about a half a cup of cleaning ammonia in the bowl. I leave the bathroom. You MUST not mix any BLEACH WITH ANY AMMONIA! THE FUMES ARE TOXIC AND WILL KILL YOU! -I go back 30-40 minutes later, dump the bowl, and rinse it all down the tub drain. You should only need to do this a few times, and then if you do it once a month or so, you can use ACV. 

PILLOWS - I spray mine with a water bottle filled with 25% ACV and 75% water on a hot sunny day out side. My mother used to put them in the washing machine. I did that ONCE! I had the stuffing all over! I guess they don't make pillows the way they used 
I also use an allergen zip cover on all our pillows under the pillow cases now. That helps. 

Don't forget the throw pillows on the couch, the blankets, the actual couch, chairs, winter hats, coats, baseball hats, mittens, SOCKS, UNDERWARE, they all will need to be treated. Socks and underware need to be treated at every washing. It sounds horrible, but it's not so bad. Vinegar is cheap. 

There is a quick way to kill fungus. The microwave. HOWEVER...I WILL WARN YOU! The first week I "nuked" a few things, I burned the important part out of my favorite panties, and I had a lightening storm in there because of a few safety pins in my new bathing suit I forgot about... O_o  I mostly use VINEGAR. 

It's September, and it's going up to 90! woo hoo! I love it! Email me! -Gina

*on a side note - many dandruff shampoo's are blue. If you have a blue dye allergy, please be careful of this!!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

PPD ALTERNATIVE: Natural Hair Coloring; with my friend Christine Shahin

I promised that I would blog about a friend of mine, from Little Falls, New York. This incredible little ball of fire, is Christine Shahin, woman, wife, daughter, mother, gardener, herbalist, earth keeper, hairdresser, author, Goddess, BEAUTY.

Her new book, complete with several formula's, is something I am recommending to ALL OF MY CLIENTS. If you are even thinking of trying some natural pigments, buy this book. My only advice, swap out the lemon juice or other liquid for hibiscus tea. It's better for your scalp, and more gentle. You may click on the hilighted link to go to for purchase. Thank you!

Natural Hair Coloring By Christine Shahin

This is my copy.

The best part about this blog, that I know ALL of my readers and clients will be SO happy to hear, Christine is retailing her pigments! (cassia, amla, henna, and indigo) She is ordering from a company that tests EACH batch the same as the previous brand of product that we both have used in the past. 

Here is the link for Christine's pigments:

Having this book is like having one of us with you when you color. If you have been shy, it will give you confidence, as it has real photos, real before and afters, and detailed explanations. I have read mine several times, and I still find myself looking back through it. 

  I have been blessed to have met Christine. I hope that all of you take a few minutes and connect with her as well. She truly is a GODDESS!

Happy Summer!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

PPD LAW SUIT, Just For Men Class Action Suit

Finally, there is a law firm willing to take on the US Government! Many of us have been working towards this, but have had no luck. Now, we have started to turn the corner! True to my word, they are going after the WARNING LABLE IN THE BOX. Before I get too much further, here is a link to the actual site, in case you may have had a reaction to this color.

I would like to note that the company that owns Just For Men, is the Combe Company. They discovered Clearasil, but sold it. They currently own Vagisil, Sea-Bond, and Grecian Formula, along with Just For Men.

If you haven't been reading my blog, then you may not know that the FDA doesn't have control ove coal tar hair dyes, our Congress actually does. The large companies that make hair color spend millions of dollars in lobby money to make sure that Congress doesn't change the laws with coal tar hair dyes. These companies include, Proctor & Gamble, Coty inc., Loreal, Unilever, The Lauder Companies, Shiseido, Avon, Kaneno, and Alticor/amway.

There are smaller companies, of course, but how much influence they can have on Congress, in can't say. I can say that when one of the above companies chooses to purchase a brand, they spend billions. It makes the news, but it seems like the public never hears about it. I'll use The Lauder Companies as an example.

I used to sell Aveda products at the last salon I worked at. I also sold it when I was working alone a few years before that, so a total of 18 years. Aveda was purchased by the Lauders. They also own:

Bobbi Brown
Bumble & Bumble
Frèdèric Malle
Ermenegildo zegna
Estèe Lauder
Goodskin Labs
Jo Malone
La Mer
Lab Series
Le Labo
Michael Kors
Rodin Olio Lusso
Tommy Hilfiger
Tory Birch

So, you see how one company owns many companies. The reason is for marketing. Each makeup line is marketed to a different age group, and a different target market. The diversity allows for some balance if there is a dip in sales in one area. MAC is sold in the juniors department, with rock music. The target audience? Unisex and youth. Ever wonder what shade of eye liner Ozzy Ozborn wears? Check out the latest MAC. Bobbi Brown is marketed towards the 40-50 group. Estèe Lauder, marketed to 55 and up. Prescriptives is marketed to anyone with sensitive skin. Clinique is marketed to 20-35 conservatives. Smashbox is marketed to the 18-30 fun lovers.

So, this multi-billion dollar company can easily spend money to lobby in Washington. As can all of the others. What this accomplishes is an industry that is basically
*self  regulated
*make their own safe guards
*and they create their own education.

Patch testing will only protect the company, not the client. The first time you come into contact with hair color, you can not t react. Only on the second exposure can you react. Thus, protecting THE MANUFACTURER.

I also have documents proving that hair color can cause cancer, and the US chose to lie about it. Instead of letting us make our own choice. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to put photos on here since they have changed it, AGAIN.

I really wish that they would stop changing things that are an easy one click to a bunch of  do this, and that, and a password, then click here. Some of us have had to re-learn this crap over 20 times now, it's getting old! Sorry about the rant!

If you used Just For Men, and you were Allergic, go get signed up!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

PPD ALLERGY: Anyone in the U.S. Willing to Share?

Hi to all of my readers out there!

 I know that I've asked this for other areas before, now I'm asking for the United States. If you have photographs, and a story to tell about PPD, now is your chance! The story will run in Great Britain.

Please contact me!

You can also contact Josh, the journalist. He promises he will be won't bite!

On another note:

I currently am working on the 'caine problems. I reacted to Lidocaine. I recently discovered it was because of the preservative. I'm attempting to find out about getting a special mix without it. I'll post when I know more.