Salon Allergy Specialist

Salon Allergy Specialist

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

First Report on the New Color

I've been hounded with people asking me about the new color. I have been trying to postpone my post because of two reasons. The first is that I've been in the process of moving my salon about a mile up the street, the new place isn't done being built yet. The owner of the building I just left made me leave sooner than he had stated, and let's just say I've had a learning experience. The second reason is the Chemist for the color company is still in Italy until August 8th. I would prefer to make my statements AFTER I have been able to speak with him. Since I have had so many requests, I will post my initial findings. (Notice, I am still not posting the brand)

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I applied the brown, to myself, and to my poor husband. He was VERY patient, especially since it was his goatee! I will say thank you, and I love you for putting up with me!! (Now, I hope he never see's the photos...)

Here is how my experience went:

I found the box was bigger than I expected, and packaged very nicely. I was surprised that it came with a nice pair of gloves, and a color brush. There is a pre-treatment, which is like a shampoo, but has baking soda to help open the cuticle up. There are also three dry packets, and three liquid bottles.

I shampooed my hair and did not use conditioner, in the shower. I then opened the box, and tried to experience the box like a new client would. I had read the instructions once already, so I knew I would be using the pre-treatment now. It would have baking soda in it. I didn't know it would be a shampoo, so my hair was pretty tangly, being that I had already used a shampoo for before chemicals. It still came out fine, but I would never recommend that to anyone else. It would be too hard for other's to section the hair, and I think they would get dark ends. My ends did not get darker than the hair shaft, possibly because my hair is healthy, or because of my delay in the application to the ends. After rinsing the pre-treatment, I mixed the first bottle and packet, and applied. The consistency is light, airy, and has a bit of foam. It reminded me of the inexpensive diluted cream rinse we used in hair school, but THAT stuff smelled like %$#&! This product seems to have very little to no odor at all. I left it on for 15 minutes, and rinsed.

On the left, my hair just before the application, in the middle, completely covered, 5 minutes left before rinsing. It's messy, that's because it's a fast timed product. My husband, Phil being the best guy EVER! He itched a few spots...fortunately it didn't seem to stain his skin.

I then mixed the second bottle and packet, quickly, as the instructions say, and this time the formula is made to be applied quickly, not sectioned. The first two mixes start out looking very red, but do turn very dark. The color of the liquid do not effect the color of your hair. I applied it quickly, and after 15 minutes, rinsed it. 

The third bottle is the same size as the others, but the third packet is smaller. The color is darker, it looks more plum when you mix it. The consistency seemed the same to me. You quickly apply it, leave it on for 15 minutes, and then rinse it, very well, until the water runs clear. I choose to not shampoo my color after. I rinsed, and rinsed, and rinsed some more. I time myself for a full 5 minutes. I did put a touch of light conditioner on, worked it through, and then rinsed that off. If my hair wasn't so tangled, I would have skipped this as well


The photos above are my roots before and after. 


 The photo's above are both after. The one on the left shows how my roots are still a bit brown compared to the red henna. I am told that it will take about two applications to cover the henna.

Over all, The color definitely has some AMAZING qualities. It is considered permanent by law, but seems to remind me of the old Sebastian Cellophanes. It is very blending, it lasts for about a month before it begins to wear off. I have a few sprinkles of resistant greys, it seemed to not cover them. I suspect that over time it will. For a color that is 100% organic, that the owner and his employee's have, and ARE willing to EAT, This has a huge potential market.

Can anyone say, "Allergic clients?" I'll post again as soon as I speak to Paul the Super Chemist!! Hover over the top right corner of this blog and sign up for e-mail updates. That way you will know what's coming out before everyone else does!! These are the only articles I've posted in three years, so you will not be sent more than one e-mail a month. In fact, it's much less than that. Thank you for reading!!

- Gina