Salon Allergy Specialist

Salon Allergy Specialist

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year, and Some PPD News

The First Perms 1920

Well, here is the new year, and I am still trying to wrap up the old year. The more things change, the more they stay the same! I will make this short, but hopefully everyone will find it sweet.

Entry Lighting
I have a very good, and helpful friend who has a web sight  that everyone here could find helpful. I have tried to link it here several times, but I admit, I often have computer difficulties. I am getting better everyday, WOO HOO! Jeanne, this one's for you! Please check this out, it has invaluable information.

I have put a few things on a web sight to be voted on to see it I can get them put into production. If I could get some of you to vote on them, it would be a fantastic help!

This first one is listed as a tube,similar to a double ended mascara tube, to sell to hair dressers with developer in it, and they could put the clients color into the other end. The developer would have a foil seal to keep it separated from the color, and  it would come with a small spatula/brush. The client would take this home and it would be enough color to do his/her part or hair line. Empty ones would work with henna as well. The pre-mixed henna could go in one side, and the powder indigo/amla/cmc/salt could go into the other end. There would be a specific amount of water to add, and the same spatula. I will pitch this later on. It could be frozen until needed as well.

Client custom touch-up

This is the one that is for the triple patch testing. I am not sure that it will get through, but if I could get SOME funding, it would help. Please join and vote for them!!

patch testing

The Nail Room
Other than that, I am working on hair growth without formaldehyde, that's still going great. I have been doing a lot of henna, and I have had a lot of clients coming from out of town. Past Toronto, Canada, Erie Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and the big city as well. Thank you to them!!

Happy New Year to all, I hope everyone has a fantastic year!