Salon Allergy Specialist

Salon Allergy Specialist

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The more I learn, the more I wonder...

Yesterday I went to the amazing skin doctor that I am so blessed to have. As I was sitting there, he was telling me that my face was finally doing okay. (Acne cream, still being applied at 44!) I mentioned to him that I have been having great results with the organic henna, and with adding the other herbals for pigment changes. He then asked me if I did any "patch testing", to which I replied, of course. I explained my 3 test theory, and how it seems to work well. I asked him why that was his first reaction, because most people don't ask me that. He continued to tell me that last week he had a man come in who had "blistering burns on his scalp from henna." I was immediately thinking that the patient he was speaking of must be using a box product, with compound henna, or possibly something with another ingredient. I know it is common to be reactive to indigo, but I could not tell this man who has been SO amazing any of the information I have learned in my research. (The horrors! Little 'ole me?) It does, however, show me that I do need to step up and get moving on taking the Organic Chemistry classes on the computer that I have lined up. It would help me explain some of the connections to the other chemicals better. I know I can't possibly be the only person who is re-searching this, as I have a friend in England who is doing similar work. I guess I have to wait to learn more, to connect more dots.

One more thing: Henna has Iron Oxide in it. That is what gives hair that orange look. Would it be possible that the man was allergic to that? PPD has an orange/gold  when used in food, and possibly cheap amber colored liquor, and also when you look into the pigments used in some tattoos. -I have been unable to make the complete connections with chemicals there, but I am working on it. I only know that there have been problems with people and allergies with these things, and that they could be related. Maybe there is another factor at play, and it is being missed? I have no idea, but I will keep working on it.