Salon Allergy Specialist

Salon Allergy Specialist

Friday, October 12, 2012

Today I thought I would post the names of some of the chemicals PPD can be hidden under, and some photos of some friends who are suffering.  I have posted the chemical names on other sights before, but it bears repeating here.  I have so much information in my piles of binders, I have to weed through it and decide what to put in the blog, and when, so makes sense. I think starting from scratch might be best. Here is my best list of what to look for in products:

Para-Phenylenediamine, Para-Toulenediamine, Toulene-Diamine Sulfate, Benzenediamine, Para-Diaminobenze, Para-Aminoaniline, Orsin, Rodol, Ursol, 2-Nitro-1, Diaminobenzene, Dye GS, Durafur Brown 2R, Fouramine 2R, Diaminonitrobenzol (German), Nitrobenzene, C.1.Oxidation Base 22, Fourrine Brown, C02222, and Zoba Brown RR, Ethylene, Tricloroethylene, Dimethylsulfate.

If you read the ingredients and the product has anything with a combination that includes any of the above chemical names, it could be dangerous to you if you have previously reacted. I would also like to add that I am NOT a doctor, but a licensed NYS Cosmetologist. In 1962, they passed the current patch testing laws, which I do NOT agree with. I have had very good results with a 3 step patch testing, especially if someone has shown previous reactions. I can add about 3 more paragraphs of chemicals, depending on the severity of your allergy. I have one friend who was allergic to the Ethylene in contact solution. YES, Ethylene in CONTACT SOLUTION. It is used as a preservative. As you can imagine, her beautiful eyes swelled shut. This made me immediately think of the Lash Lure scare from the 1930's where women actually went blind. The FDA was helpless to even remove the product from the shelves because Lash Lure had been acting withing the law. In 1933, Eleanor Roosevelt aided "The American Chamber of Horrors" which was an exhibit to show how the 1906 FDA law was allowing companies to harm the American public.  The law was finally changed in 1938, and Lash Lure was removed from the shelves.


 Here are some photos of reactions. I am not including photos of anaphylactic shock, as I need to contact clients for permission to show faces. Some of these reactions below can continue for over a year, as the initial reaction comes from the hair color, but the allergic reaction sets the body to attack itself. Photo 1 is a systemic full body reaction, 6 months later. Photo 2 is a "Black Henna" Tattoo, there is no such thing as black henna, it is PPD. Photo 3 is also a systemic reaction, 1 year later. This woman has had permanent hearing loss from damage to the inner ear, as well as depression, and many other problems. She is a wonderful woman, with a very sad situation! I hope that everyone has a safe Friday, and we don't get any new reactions today. :)